Q. Do I lose operational control of my aircraft?
Yes. The FAA is very specific on who has control of your aircraft when offering it for use to the general public. Prior to issuing an air charter certificate the applicant must demonstrate an understanding and ability to follow the regulations and procedures intended to keep the flying public safe. Once issued only the certificate holder may have operational control of the aircraft.

Q. When I’m using my aircraft who has control?
Prior to approving an aircraft for charter the FAA does a conformity inspection of both log books and aircraft to insure compliance with all safety regulations. The certificate holder who has demonstrated an understanding of those requirements is entrusted with maintaining all regulations from that point forward. If at any time the certificate holder losses control of the aircraft the FAA MUST conduct a new conformity inspection and start the process of allowing charter flights once again.

Q. Is operational control as bad as it sounds?
No. Nothing changes other than letting us know where the airplane is at all times, which can be done with a phone call or using our online scheduling and tracking system, and all maintenance must be coordinated with our Director of Maintenance. Working together the FAA’s requirements of Operational Control is easy and makes perfect sense. It’s all about keeping the flying public safe by always making sure the certificate holder has control of the airplace.

Q. Can I use my airplane whenever I want?
Generally yes, but remember we’re marketing your aircraft to our charter clients who are shopping for charter availability. It can take a week or so from the time a charter quote is requested and the airplane is booked. Continually pulling the airplane on short notice will result in a dramatic decrease in charter revenue.

Q. How am I compensated for charter flights?
You’ll receive an agreed upon hourly rate for each hour the aircraft used from the time it leaves it’s home base to the time it returns.

Q. Do I pay any of the expenses while my airplane is being used on charter?

Q. Who pays for maintenance, insurance, and hangar costs?
You continue to cover all of the costs incurred with owning the airplane but our charter revenue will reduce those costs considerably.

Q. If I already have a pilot what happens to him/her?
Your pilot becomes our onsite aircraft manager and continues to pilot the aircraft as normal. As long as they meet our minimum pilot requirements they’ll be able to pilot your aircraft on our charter flights and make some extra money. All costs incurred in their training remains your responsibility.

Q. Are there any setup costs?
Yes. Your charter account will be charged a onetime fee of $10,000.00 which is paid from your charter revenue. You will also need to cover the costs associated with digitizing your logbooks and a few other items which total around $5,000.00 and are paid from charter revenue. Ongoing fees are minimal.

Q. Is it possible to track what’s going on with my airplane?
Yes. You’ll have access 24/7 to our web based charter schedules, accounting, and flight following programs.

Q. How long does it take to get my airplane on your program?
We’ve been averaging about 2 weeks from the day you say go to the day your airplane is ready for charter.

Q. What happens if I decide to sell my airplane or discontinue having it used for charter?
We’d like to have at least 60 days notice but if you’re not satisfied we can remove it from our charter certificate in as little as five days. Should you choose to sell or trade up/down our experienced Citation sales team will be happy to help.